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Broken Ornaments (Never Have I Ever Series Book 1)

December 17, 2017

This is the first book by this author that I have read and I just loved every word she wrote.  The way she wrote the emotions and feelings of these characters had you feeling emotional with them.  How can you not love a man that would do anything to make your child happy and loved just melted my heart into many pieces?  This is a book one of “Never Have I ever” series just like the drinking game it can be one little question that causes answers that will change things.  This is an action full drama romance of falling in love with more than just another person.  I received an ARC copy and this is my honest and voluntary review of this great book.  Maisey and Jace’s relationship was wonderful thought this book, can a broken ornament ever be repaired?


Casey Appleton was on her computer looking up information on restraining orders a pop-up ad for f#ck it list, Christmas Edition comes up on her screen so she click on the link and filled out the form Never have I ever….been this broken at Christmas signed Broken Ornament.


Jace was just about to leave work for good when he receives an email from Mason is ex-boss asking for help with a Never have I ever.  As this was very unusual for Mason to ask for help Jace open read the report on a Casey Appleton and as her place of work was not his way tonight he decided to check it out.  Jase was one of the founding programmers of the F#ck it List website but had just today he had left working for the company.  Since his brother's accident things have changed for Jace and how he feels and sees the world around him.


He thought he would just stop by meet her and give her a very big tip at the bar she worked at to help her out.  But how can 5 minutes change everything and affect you so much.


All Casey wanted was to keep her daughter Maisey safe and give her a better life away from her ex-husband.  Before she knows it Jace his saving her and Maisey.


What will Casey do when it looks like life may be better after all?

Will she trust again or run from everyone?


How can Jace do the right thing for everyone he cares about without hurting anyone doing so?


Will Maisey get everything she has every want for Christmas this year?



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