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Forbidden Prince (Princes of Avce)

December 17, 2017

This is the second book in the Princes of Avce series in which we find the three Princes of Avce needing to find a wife before they turn 30 years of age or they will be unable to have contact with their family again.  In book one be met the eldest son Prince Antonio Aussa and Kristen Wells his wife to be.  This book is about the second Prince and Kristen’s flatmate and recaps some of the stories from the first book but by their view of events.  It was nice to go back to this story and characters and learn more about them.  This is my voluntary and honest review of this book that I received an ARC copy of.  This was a great love story and a story about being self-confident in one's decisions in life to please yourself and not others.  This book was a little different from the first but I think they were due to having known of some of the events taking place from the first book as you were reading them again but by someone’s else’s perspective.


Marcus Aussa is known to be the playboy of the family in the international world but the truth is very different to the family.  He is very dedicated to protecting his family at all cost until his world changes when his brother brings his bride to be home.


Renee Brown is just I history teacher on summer holidays when she escorts her friend and flatmate on a trip to Avce to possible marry the future princes.  Renee is looking an experience of her lifetime to be around royalty in a new country for the summer.  What she got was a lot more when she meets the Crown Prince’s brother Marcus, with his flirty attention there is an instant attraction between the two.


Renee knows it’s just a summer fling as this is not her world but as they get closer together and the danger of the countries situation causes drama and assassination attract they both fight their true feelings.


Marcus finds he is in full protective mode as the danger to his family and most of all Renee is increasing.  He soon realizes he cannot imagine his life without her in it but can he keep her safe and make her want to stay?

This book is released on December 19th but you can pre-order it today.


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