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Caught by Cupid

December 29, 2017


This is my first book by this author an even though the story was a bit predictable at times the chemistry between Emerald and Derek was undeniable.  Derek is a true Alpha male that you wish the female character Emerald would just slap him in the face at times, but as it goes along you start to have a bit of a soft spot for me and his past.  I enjoyed the story in this book that I receive a copy of as part of the Quirky Blind Date readers group and this is my voluntary and honest review.  The flow of the story was good, had you interested to see what would happen next and was full of interesting plots and characters.  I did feel the end was a bit rushed and would have liked a longer ending and further information.

Emerald Frazier has always dreamed of living in New York but life has not given her the chance to live her dream, but as life in her hometown chance and with no job prospects ahead she makes a decision that may just change it all.  Off to New York to visit her best friend Paris for a few weeks end with her doing her friend a favor after Paris is in an accident at her engagement party.  Emerald soon finds herself as a personal assistant to Derek Cupid the owner and Chief Executive of Cupid Publishing, after she tries to save Paris’s new job.

Derek world literally crashes into his new assistants when they first meet and life looks nothing like his well-organized and business-like world after that first day.  Derek likes things done right so that means his way with little fuss.

Is it hate at first sight or more?

Emerald is unsure if she can work for this very domination but very attractive man for long but she owes it to her friend to try and keep her a job to come back to.

Derek soon has a proposal that will entail her to lie to others and have her in close contact with her boss out of the office environment.  Can Emerald survive Derek Cupid and his ego that she despises?

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