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Wicked Rules (Wicked Bay Book 2)

December 31, 2017

This is book two in this great series about the Stone-Prince families and mainly Maverick and Lo (Eloise).  Book two starts very shortly after where book one finished with Maverick and Lo together in secret only.  I did not enjoy this book as must as book one that I rated a 5 star read and this one is only a 4 star, as some of the twists and turns where not as exciting in this book.  Many of the questions you might have had in book one where answered and you learn more about Mavericks past in this book.  In giving it only a 4 it is still a great read and a great series that had me totally engrossed in every page the authors wrote.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my Honest and voluntary review.  I totally enjoyed Kyle’s character in this book and would love to read his story as I feel there is a lot more to him then we are getting in these books. You can read these as stand-alone but I would suggest you read them in order to get the most of the author’s story and characters as the backstory is very important to understand why things happen the way they do now.


Lo stone has her man Maverick Prince but he is still a closed book in so many ways, life is never easy for Lo of late.  Life in Wicked Bay is turning into a life of lies and deceit to protect the ones they love the most.  Can Lo stand by her man or will the lies be too much for her to overcome?


Maverick will risk it all to protect Lo, but being with her just makes life harder for them both.  Can he do the right thing and play his father’s games and finally open up to the only person that really matters in his life?


I enjoyed the friendship between Maverick, Lo and Kyle as it is a great more than just family connection.  They are always there for the other and do the best for their family.  I am looking forward to book three to see where these characters will lead us to next as Maverick goes off to college and Lo and Kyle start their senior year at high school.


Release Day 3rd Jan 2018

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