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The Lift

January 7, 2018

This is a very sweet short love story with more to come I am hoping as I was just getting into the great characters when it ended.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.  Is it ever fun to be stuck in an elevator?  Yes for Billie Wilcox it is one of the best 3 hours of her life as she is stuck with a movie star, that is a sexy movie star.  I loved this short story had me laughing and swooning at the same time.  I am hoping the author is setting us up for a follow-up book on these two characters as there is so much more to learn about them both.  Thankfully I have never been stuck or trapped in an elevator but this is the story I would like to have.


Billie is on a trip of a lifetime to try to make her dreams come true as a scriptwriter when she is asked to fly to LA to talk about one of her stories.  Could this be the big break she has been waiting for just at a time she needed it the most. But what will happen when she is rushing to her appointment and gets stuck in the elevator.  Her already fluster and rushed day is going to get worse and may not even get better.


Brendan is not very happy to be stuck in the elevator with Billie at first but as he realizes they will be no quick fix to get them out, he takes a second look at the girl in the elevator with him.  He is surprised at the feeling he is experiencing and as they spend some time together getting to know the other, things and feeling a change for them both.


What will happen when the door is open?  Will they just go about their own afternoon and will the big chance for Billie be lost?


What will a Hot Hollywood movie star see in a girl from Australia that works in a bookstore?


This book will give you that feel good feeling and a smile on your dial.


Amazon -  Just 99 cents


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