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One Way Ticket

This was a great story about taking a leap to find what will make you happy.  Was it Fate or just Luck that brought these two young ladies together on one's worse day of her life and the other at a time when she needs to take a look at her life?  I have read books by Kate O'Keeffe but this is the first by Melissa Baldwin I have read and I found that I enjoyed their partnership in writing to be well suited.  I believed everyone should be able to relate to either character in some way and at some time in their own lives as the authors share this story with us.  The flow of the story was good and the little bit of text communication at the start of each chapter was a great idea.  It had me laughing, feeling sorry for the characters and amused at some of the flower shop customers antics.  I read this delightful ARC copy and this is my honest and voluntary review of this book that I would recommend to any Rom-com readers.


Sabrina Monroe is having the worst day of her life and is wondering why she has waited until today stand up and say this is not for me I NEED TO RUN!!!! So run she does after climbing out of the bathroom window in her wedding dress she finds herself at the airport look for her escape.  She can’t go back to San Francisco and face Todd and her family just yet.


Addison Bloom is a New Zealander now living Orlando USA after following a man across the world so soon find out Love was not there.  Addison is sick of attending the wedding of other people's and is thinking should she return home and marry her former boyfriend or give herself a life makeover when is sees a runaway bride at the airport.


The two girls literally run into each other at the airport with Addison offer Sabrina some of her spear cloths so Sabrina can change out of her wedding dress.  The airport flights have all been canceled due to a storm so the girls go for coffee and a chat and soon learn they have a lot in common.  As they talk a crazy idea hits them to change lives with each other for a little while, a change of place at the opposite side of the country might give them both some time to analyze their lives and future.  Is switching lives with a complete stranger the right or wrong thing for them to do?


How can anything go wrong it’s only for a short time?


Will time to themselves to work on a plan to make them happy in the future work?


Can they overcome the past to move forward?


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