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Intricate Deceptions (Intricate, #1)

January 12, 2018

This is one of those books that at first you wonder why am I reading this but you decide to keep going and see where it might go.  I am very glad I stuck out the first few chapters of this story as it got more interesting with secrets, lies, revenge, betrayals and hidden agendas.  I found this story to be a bit unbelievable at the start as the story progressed too quickly without enough information given for me to feel it was believable.  Gaia accepted Raoul story of her past and family too quickly and with not enough doubt in her mind as to question it. She settled into life at the palace way to fast and where did all the bruises and damage to her body go?  I have voluntary and honestly written my review after reading from a copy I was given of this book and I must say it is a book I would not have given a second look at if I was going by the cover (which I do sometimes).  It’s very unclear if this story takes place in the real world or a fantasy work in the past or present time.  The book covers many strong topics that may not be to everyone’s liking but it is not an overly heavy read.


We start the book with Gaia realizing she is waking up in a dark cell after being kidnapped by human traffickers and she has no memory except her name. She is in the cell with a 12-year-old girl called Emily where they know their life does not look good as girls are taken out of the cells to not return again.When she least expects it she is rescued by a man she will later learn is the Prince of Kayamota where she enters the world of royalty and luxuriates of the Royal Palace.  Raoul tells her she is safe and will help her regain her memory, but the human traffickers are not the only danger Gaia has to look out for.  She will soon learn that a powerful drug lord and a pirate are seeking her as she fights to remember who she is.


Can she find out why she was captured in the first place and the people involved in the dark world of her home country?  She made a promise to save Emily but will she be able to keep that promise as her world unravels around her.  As she seeks answers she learns some shocking truths and each revelation more shocking than the last uncovered.


This is the first book I have read by the author and as the book ends with a very unsure place in the story I will be having a read of the second book to see where this story is going to take me.  The next book in this series is Intricate Intentions.


Intricate Deceptions


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Intricate Intentions


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