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Forbidden Royal (Princes of Avce Book 3)

January 17, 2018

The story of the Princes of Avce continues in this third book of the series with the third brother needing to find a wife before his thirtieth birthday in just under one years’ time.  If you have read the other books in the series you will know about the families rule that all male heirs must marry by their 30th birthday or forgo their family, title, and money.  If you have not read any other books that is fine as you can read any of these as a stand-alone read?  Each book has drama, suspense, good versus evil and many hearts to fall in love.  I love Victoria Pinder’s writing style and wonderful characters she brings to life in the pages of her books.  This is my voluntary and honest review of this book that I have been given and would recommend this author to any romance reader that loves a bit of everything in their books.


Prince Lucio Aussa is in need of a wife and he has had his choice of many but none of them have been what he wanted or needed, so he look to his older brother for help.  Antonio used the help of his IT team to find his wife and love through a computer program, so with only a year to find Lucio a wife he runs him though the program to see who would be his perfect wife.  The name Lucio is given is the last name her would have ever thought would be his wife…. Is first ever girlfriend’s little sister Amy Fields.


Amy Fields is an independent woman who is a political consultant, living in London and enjoying her life, even alone she is happy.  Amy has just finished a report for a client on a subject that she knows a lot about the Royal family and country of Avce.  Her sister stole the one boy she ever had feeling for at school and she had to watch their relationship grown in front of her eyes.  Jealousy of her sister was not only over the lost boy of her dreams but also the fact that in her parent’s eyes Evie was the perfect daughter.


Lucio must reconcile with Evie if her ever want to give Amy a go of being his perfect mate and wife but will Amy be interested in being his princess?  Can Amy give him a chance even though she knows it was not Lucio decision to break up with her sister many years ago can she be second best to her sister again?


How is still trying to stop the Aussa prince’s from getting married?  There are still enemies that will threaten the royal family and may prevent these two from trying to overcome their past to seek a life together.


This book is full of intrigue, kidnapping, surprises, chemistry, family drama, secrets, deceit, forgiveness, drama, but most of all love.


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