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The Bachelor of Belmead

January 20, 2018

This is the second book by this author that I have read and at first, I didn’t think I was going to like the main male character. Todd was a young man with no real direction in life, living off the goodwill of his girlfriends without to drive to better himself. He would sleep with any girl he thought would give him a place to live until the next one come along. This book has a twist or two as the story grows, some of the situations where a bit unbelievable to be real but it still had me reading happily along. The main lesson of this book is if “the one” is the very right one nothing will stand in the way of true love, not lies, misgivings, past relationships, can stand in the way of true chemistry. This is a sweet read with only a little talk of sex, bad language, Christianity, and homosexuality so it would suit almost any kind of romance reader. I did find the names of the characters a bit confusing at times as the main female character name is Jack and her father is Jack sr but this played a large meaning in the misgivings of the story.


Todd Ross is not a wealthy man by any standards so you can guess his surprise when he found out his Grandmother had only lately passed away and left him her home in Dallas to him in her will.  The house could not be called a house it was huge estate in which he was unable to sale, but he could not afford to keep it either.  So what would he do?  The beneficiary was a Jack Simmons as Maris Ross wanted the estate keep in the family, so to be able to sale he must get the beneficiary approval first.  Easy her thought!!!


Jack Simmons is a vet and loves what she does but she does not think she feels the same for her current boyfriend.  Mavis Ross was one of her client at the clinic and she gave her control to help keep her home in her family.


The inheritance was not something Todd wanted and he could not see a way to keep it until his best friend Shay was hit by a suggestion that might just work to Todd’s advantage.  Will this plan work for him, he decides to seek the approval for the sale just in case he needs a plan B.  Plan B will take him down a path that may just chance his life completely for the better or worse, only time will tell.


I did feel the book come to a very quick end as I would have liked a bit more near the ending of the book, as the major twist was revealed and the HEA come straight after each other.


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