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The Doctor's Love: A Mail Order Bride Romance

January 24, 2018

This is another heartfelt read from Faith Crawford about triumphing tragedy to find peace and happiness in a new place and a new family.  I love these book as they are short and sweet but in a wonderful way that leaves you feeling happy when you finish.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of this book that I read.  Her writing style is great and the author has you engrossed in every word she has written about these wonderful characters.


Felicity finds herself the mother of her young niece when her sister and brother in law are tragically killed and unable to keep their store running or the rent paid for the house she lives in, she turns to god for guidance.


She applies to be a Mail-order Bride for a doctor in Montana as her hope for a better life for her and Rosa.  So off they go to Montana for a new life and a chance for a loving husband looking for a wife.  Felicity was greatly disappointed when she learned after she arrives that the good doctor did not advertise for a wife or return the lovely letter she received.


Andrew is the town's doctor and is very happy with the life he had chosen for himself.  He was very surprised when a lovely lady arrived in his office with the intention of being his wife.  It is his meddling family member that has advertised and arranged a Mail-Order Bride for him without any knowledge about Felicity. He at one time in his life wanted a wife but life do not always turn out the way you want, so Andrew offer felicity a job has his housekeeper but not as his wife.


Felicity must try to start a new life here for the sack of her niece, but can she do that when she realizes she had a feeling for her new boss?


When Felicity has a possible new husband lined up Andrew must take stock of his life and feeling for Felicity before he runs out of time.


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