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Lethal Tide: A Samantha Reynolds Aloha Lagoon Mystery (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Book 10)

January 30, 2018

This joyful story of Samantha Reynolds continues in book 2 by Beth Prentice and book 10 is the Aloha Lagoon series.  Samantha and her antics will have you LOL and cringing at some of the stuff she and her friends find themselves in.  If you like your reads fun, interesting, light-hearted and humorous with a bit of mystery thrown in this is the book and author for you.  It will have you turning the page or tapping you kindle faster to see what adventures Samantha, her BFF and Boyfriend Casey will get up to next.  This is a cozy mystery that you think you have worked out but this author has a different plan altogether and will completely throw you at the end with the HOW DID IT.  A wonderful read that I would recommend to any reader and best of all its set in a tropical paradise.


Samantha is happy with her life on the island, her job and most of all Casey even with the trouble of the past she had made the right decision to stay close to her mother and brother in Aloha Lagoon.  Life is going smoothly once again until a stranger comes into the bar that ends up being someone from Casey’s past.  There is mention of treasure in the foresting an as Samantha cannot go past a mystery she soon finds herself and her BBF Alani mixed up with something a lot deeper than treasure.


But what will Samantha do when her boyfriend is the number one suspect in the latest murder on the island?


What is Casey keeping form Samantha?

Will Casey’s secrets change the way Samantha sees and feeling about him?


The trouble in Aloha Lagoon continues to entertain us with all the great authors telling us wonderful stories of the tropical paradise of Hawaii.


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