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Dark Shadows: Vampires and Ghosts of New Orleans (An Author's on a Train Short Story Collection)

February 1, 2018

The Book is a set of 5 stories set in the French quarter's of New Orlean's all are short paranormal type stories.


I have only read one at this stage."The Amulet" by Kim Petersen and Shirley Hartnett, I am very familiar with Kim Petersen's work to which I read and enjoyed her books in the past. The other author is unknown to me, in saying all that I did find the book a little bit different to Kim Petersen's other works. But that is to be expected when you have 2 authors working together, as this was a short story I felt it was missing some information that might have engrossed me more with the overall feeling of this story. But in saying all that I did enjoy the story very much for a quick read.

This story is about saving the world from the realm of the dead and finding the Blood Pearl Amulet before the dead come back to cause chaos in the world. Full of ghosts, witches, witch doctors, a voodoo priestess, the pragtige opoffering(the chosen one), a grieving husband and a lovesick ex-girlfriend.

The other stories in this book are:

Voodoo Child
The Casket Girls
Blood Magic


I was given an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review of what I have read.

US - 

JUST 99 cents




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