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The Catching Kind (Brew Ha Ha #3)

February 1, 2018

I totally enjoy this book it was full of great humor and romance.  I have not read anything by this author before but will have to check out her other books as this is book 3 of this series.  This is a great hate-to-love relationship that will have you falling in love with the development of characters as the story goes along.  Conner and Hailey are very different people that are forced together for the benefit of their own grains.  Hailey is a Authors of young adults books and Conner is a baseball player with a bad reputation.  The book was very funny and engaging right from the start and even though you could guess the way it would end it was the journey the author took us on that was so enjoyable to read.


Hailey hated Publicity and the Paparazzi so when her publisher wanted her to be a pretend girlfriend to a womanizing baseball player to improve his public image she was not too impressed.


Conner has the name as the bad boy of the baseball world at the moment and is possible going to be bench next season unless he can fix his image.  So a plan is put in place that just might change everything in his life.  He can get anyone or anything he wants but will he want the sweet girl picked for him to save his career?


Do first impressions change?

Can womanizers change their ways?

Can Hailey stop herself from feeling like one of her characters in her very own book?


Thank you to Quirky Blind Date with a Book for the chance to read this lovely and sweet book by a new author for me.


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