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It Started With A Kiss: Anthology


It started with a Kiss     *****


This book is a set of 4 great novellas that all starting with “It started with a Kiss” as the first sentence and continues to give us hours of enjoyment with their hot and steamy stories of love, forgiveness, trust, happiness, attraction, but most of all hot and steamy males.  Most of these authors I have not read before but I have been aware of them before this read.  If you are looking for a book to take you away for a few hours or the weekend this is the book you need to read.



 C.J. Welles  Meant to be     *****


I just loved this story about Annie finding her first love and I wanted so much more from these two characters that I didn’t want this story to end.  I could not put this one down had me tapping my kindle in anticipation of what was next.  How could you not fall in love with Brett as well, as he overcomes his troubled family issues to find his place in love?

Annie the daughter of a senator and an evil stepmother and was seeking a way to find her identity away from her family life.  Brett worked for his father at the local club and had a high maintenance girlfriend but he could not explain the feeling he has every time he sees Annie around the club.



 J.A Collard  Twisted Fate     *****


This is a very sexy and enjoyable read about a Cowboy and a therapist and how one night may just change your life completely.  I have heard of JA Collard but have never read any of her books before and I just say I may be a new fan.

One night is all he can give her!  Jake’s life has too many distractions at the moment and a relationship is not what he needs, but just one look at her and he knows he must have her.  Caitlyn is not a one night stand kind of girl but there is something about this cowboy that she just can’t say no too.  But what will happen after their one night together that they both say is the best night of their lives?



Cathy Johns  Whatever it takes     ****


This is a second chance novella about forgiveness and owning up to your mistakes.  A sweet and hot sexy read about two passed lover’s finding each other again.  The author had you feeling the character pain and had you hoping for an HEA.  This is the first time I have read this author.

Shae and Marcus have been separated for 3 years when they accidentally run into each other again.  It was only supposed it has been only sex between them but you can’t help what your hearts will feel. Marcus needed distance as he was a coward to face what he was feeling for Shae so he turned away from her and left.  Can Shae forgive Marcus for leaving her and will Marcus own up to the reason he left in the first place?



 Stacey McCoy  Worth the risk     ****


This is a great story set in Melbourne Australia and has a great Aussie feel to it.  You get a sexy Tradie and a beautiful hairdresser meeting one night at a club and fireworks starting with sex by the beach.  Not just a love story of lovers but also of friendship and what we will do for the ones we love.

What would you ignore for the one man that gives you so much pleasure?  Ashley and her best friend Tammy are party girls and enjoying going out each weekend after a hard week at work.  Ashley had decided to leave early one weekend to go home when a knight in shining armor comes to her aid and starts a night of the best sex of her life.   But when trouble starts will it be in her best interest to stay seeing Corey?



I hope to meet all these authors this year in Australia during the Books In-Sight, Melbourne Author signing event in October 2018.


Hot and steamy read that will have you totally engaged with the characters.  Just 99 cents


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