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Sweet Little Lies (The Sweetest Thing Book 5)

February 14, 2018

This is the first book by this author that I have read so as it is book 5 of the series it’s safe to stay they are stand-alone.  This is a great story about overcoming your past and present mistakes and to face your demons head on to let love into your life truly.  This is a very sexy read full of passion, lust, longing,

Lance is hiding a past that has made him who he is today but there is one girl that may just change everything about him, but he knows he is not good enough for her.  Can Lance overcome the grief and guilt he has over his brother and mothers passing to ever learn to be loved or to love someone else?


Mica has fought the attraction of the college basketball player for over a year but with each passing day it is getting harder and harder to keep saying no.  She knows who he is and believes her hides behind his fame, drugs, alcohol, sex and humour to keep his painful secrets at bay.  Mica is expected to marry into her heritage with a Mexican husband and have many children, but her heart has a different path in mind than the one her parents want her to have.


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