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Finding Mr. Happily Ever After Part 3 & 4

Book 3 Xavier

How this series gets better with each book is due to these two amazing authors and the wonderful characters that they have given to us to read.  I am so addicted to these books and I so need to know how it all will end but the journey to the end is so captivating in a way I do not want to get to the end at all.  Has Jazz found her perfect match with the captivating Xavier after Chase broke her heart?


I loved this book that I received an ARC copy of and this is my honest and voluntary review of this great story.

My preferred list of possible Grooms is Nathan - Xavier a close second and Chase in the last place so far to win Jazz.


After having her heart broken, again by Chase, Jazz returned to New York to a new job, new apartment, and a new start.  She meets Xavier Clarke the next man with the sexy British accent, she's not looking for love but just being friends is something she would like.  They start to spend a lot of time together and she soon realizes they have a lot in common with each other and Xavier comes to her rescue when her new job ends before it even begins. By getting her a job interview for an HR at an online Dating company that she ends up getting, she soon finds out she much apply for the online dating questionnaire and finds out that she is the perfect match of Xavier..


Their friendship develops and Jazz soon learns about Xavier’s inheritance that he will get when he marries and his desire to own his own Non-profit organization with the money he will receive.  Are they the perfect match as their dream are so alike?  Xavier askes Jazz to marry him so he can get his inheritance, not for love but for friendship and business.  The deal is for a 2-year marriage and a business contract and what will Jazz do?


Can friendship lead to love?


Will she find her Happy Ever After?


Or will she stick to her own plans for her own dreams?


Book 4  Edwin

It was so lovely to see that Jazz was finally going for her own dream and not the dream of the man in her life.  Jazz was a stronger woman in this book she has not forgotten what she wants and deserved even when there is a very attractive billionaire in the mix.  This book has me changing my mind on being Team Nathan as Win changes because of how Jazz see the world and effects him like no other woman has.  I am so excited to read the fifth and final book to see if Win can be her happily ever after but in my heart of hearts I am still hoping for Nathan to be the one true love of Jazz’s world.  I reviewed this book as an ARC and this is my honest and voluntary review.

This book starts at a farewell party for Xavier from the company he worked for as he is going to start his Non-profit company now that 2 years have past and he has his inheritance.  But we soon find out he got the money but not the girl as he and Jazz are recently divorce but still the best of friends.  Jazz loved being married but just didn’t find the one true love with Xavier that needed to keep the marriage going.

A Billionaire is every woman’s dream man but is he the one for Jazz?  At the sight of seeing Edwin “Win” Forrester IV Jazz has a feeling she had not felt since Chass and that frightens her as she has no desire to date or be in a relationship.  She is putting herself first and going after her own dreams.

Billionaire Edwin “Win” Forrester IV is a workaholic that puts business first over everything and everyone else, but that is all about to change when he meets a friends and employees ex-wife at a party.  Win is used to getting what he wants and having what he wants so it is a big surprise when Jass does not return his interest.  Win will have to change his ways if he wants to win the lovely Jazz and keep her in his life.

The end of this great story is the next book with One bride, four possible grooms, Who Is the man waiting at the end of the aisle is he Jazz’s forever love?



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