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Afterburn (Island Fire Book 5)

March 10, 2018

I have not has the pleasure of reading anything by Amy Knupp before this book and I am so excited to have found her now.  I totally enjoy this emotional book and realistic story of overcoming your past to open your heart for a loving future.  As this is book 5 of the series and the first one I have read this is a stand-alone as well as a series as there are many characters in this book that have their own books in the start of this series.  I have received an ARC copy of this book and I have decided to review it with my honest and voluntary options.  The characters are all endearing, multilayered, flawed in some way that they will win your heart from the very beginning of this book and have you reading right to the end with totally enjoyment.


Scott Pataki is a EMT how has come to the end of his ability to comp with the stress of the job and has plans to leave San Amoro Island to work on a cruise ship.  He had not ties left in town except to his co-worker as she has been estranged from his family and father for some time now.  It’s an estrangement he is happy to keep going until his half-sister knocks at his front door one morning after a bad night at work.  A half- sister he has never met and was not happy to have her at his door.


Mercedes Stone had her life full of helping others from caring for her beloved Grams to her Grams women’s shelter were she volunteer and a full time job.  She is at the shelter one afternoon when she meets Gemma Lawrence pregnant 17 year-old looking for help and a place to stay after her mother kicked her out of home.  Mercedes go’s with Gemma to see her half-brother to try to get him to let her say with him and is met my bad tempered, heartless and angry man.  She soon realises this is not the true person he is and that his past is stopping him from his future.


Mercedes starts to have feeling for Scott but knows he is leaving town soon but how can her help everyone without getting her heart broken at the same time?

Scott fights his feeling for Mercedes as well as for his half-sister but is determined to leave town in a months’ time as he is not good for any of them to be around him.


Release Day is March 13th 2018 Pre-order at


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