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Craft - The Gibson Boys #2

March 13, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2018

My Review

Why did it end I was so-so… enjoying this book with its sexual tension, humor, great banter and heartfelt story that I just wanted it to keep going.  I have enjoyed all the Gibson boys so far but I must say Lance is becoming my favorite and who can blame me a nerdy history teacher with issues about committing to anyone other than family. This is a friends-to-lovers story that I received as an ARC Copy of and this is my honest and voluntary review of this wonderful book. This book is a standalone novel or you can read it as part of the series.  I was lovely to catch up with some of the other characters and learn more about the ones we have met before.  Lance is so much more than what we got from “Grank” his layers are deeper than the playboy image he likes to portrays to all.  If you have not read Adriana Locke before I urge you to give her a go if you like you ready hot and sexy with loving characters full of depth.

 Mariah Malarkey is the school Librarian and the history teaches Lance drives her crazy using her office as his public phone box and free bakery every lunch hour of every school day.  Mariah is a strong female character that has her own issues to overcome but has a big secret….. She has a crush on the history teacher at the school.

 Lance Gibson is a one night stand kind of guy with a commitment phobia who has had many daydreams of the sexy Librarian that he can just not get out of his mind.  She is not his type she is the kind of girl that has the white picket fence dream of life, and this is just something he cannot give her or anyone.  He as a secret that he will not share that has affected his life, that he is not about to share with anyone, not even her.


Can they both learn that life is a blessing?



CRANK Book 1


CRAFT  Book 2

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