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One Hundred Heartbeats

March 13, 2018

This is another great book by one of my favorite authors that I just could not put down.  This is book 2 of the Series of “Aspen Cove” it is a stand-alone but I would recommend reading them in order as there is so much to learn and fall in love with each character of this sweet town you won't want to miss anything along the way.  This story had so much depth to it, the layers just kept bring you more enjoyment and entertainment while you fall in love even more with the characters and the town.  I received an ARC copy of this book and have voluntarily written an honest review.  This series gets even better with each book as you start to feel part of the community of Aspen Cove and the need to learn more fill you with anticipation for the next book.  This is a delightful romance story that left me feeling warm and contented but at the same time wanting more.


Katie Middleton has been given the greatest gift, the gift of independence to live her life as a normal person.  Katie is the new owner of the town's bakery and is finding her place in this town with new friends and a new lease on life to fulfill it completely.  Katie has had a long journey to this point in her life as she has faced death in the face and survived it to live again.  A heart defect has stopped Katie living the normal life as well as protective parents with the greatest gift of a new heart and the chance to start a new, Katie takes the opportunity Bea a complete stranger has given her when  Bea’s bequests her the bakery.


Bowie Bishop is returning home to the one place he never thought he would return too after losing his fiancé and mother on the same day due to a car accident, that he also was in.  He ran off to the army to fight in active combat while a fighter with himself over the fact he could not save them.  After almost a decade as a Ranger with many injuries he is retired and coming home to visit with his father and brother, but he will be leaving as he cannot stay where all his dreams ended.  He will never love again or have a dream that can break your heart like all the dreams Brandy and he had growing up together.  But it looks like that may all change when he meets the new bakery owner Katie as she is cute and sexy and has his attention straight away, but he can only offer her a good time nothing more.



Katie will learn a secret that will affect everything and just may cost her everything as well.


This wonderful story is about living life to its fullest and having a second chance to live and to love.​

One Hundred Heartbeats (Book 1)
One Hundred Heartbeats (Book 2)


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