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March 18, 2018

This is a great story of surviving life when faced with an earth-shattering loss.  How do you face a future when you have no desire to keep going?  I am not a fan of books that start in the past and keep changing between different time zones of one's life but the author captured out interested and curiosity by writing this way, so as the story started to unfold so did my enjoyment of this story and my realization that I knew one of the characters already.   I loved that for the first quarter of the book it was only told by one character and we didn’t get the perspective of the other person until further into the story.  Jo-Anne Joseph’s poetic style had my heart breaking and melting for the characters.  You will want to slap Scott many times during the book but after a little while the mother in me wanted to give him a big hug.  Leah’s character was a female version of Scott soulless soul but with the responsibilities of a son, she faced life a little stronger after the loss of Leo.  I hope there will be another book as I would love to know what is going one with Leah’s best friend and her ex-brother-in-law Liam.  I received an ARC copy this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of my opinion of this great book.


This is the fourth book by this author and the third one that I have read and Destiny is the continuation of Leah's story from Infinity. This didn't capture my hearts as much as Infinity did but I still love it all the same.

Scott Collins broken man in survival mode just going through the motions of life with not feeling or caring for himself.  His world shattered many years ago and he closed himself off to any possible future with anyone, all until she entered his life and gave him something else to think about and possible care about.

Leah Williams enters his life at the worse time of her life but will he help her survive or will they both just keep tumbling down this broken path?  They are both flawed when it comes to love and they are not good together but something is still drawing them together.

Leah starts to open up to Scott but Scott is a closed book and keeps his pain well hidden from her.  While this force her away from him?  Can either of them let their pasts go and let the possibility of a future with some kind of happiness enter their world again?

Why is she still putting up with this man that is rude, cruel and too verbally honest about her wrongdoings while not facing his own demons?  She hates him but she lets him in any way.


Scott knows she would be better off without him in her life but there is a hold she has on him he cannot explain and he fights the feeling that she will destroy him further.  There is not living with her but there is also not living without her.


Can Destiny find a way to heal two hearts to one?

 As a fan of this author I am unsure if Scott is the right person of Leah or it’s just my broken heart for her and Leo that clouds my opinion as I just loved the first book so much.  You can read my review of Infinity as it is further back in my blog archive.






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