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Deathly Desire: Lizzie ~ Book 3 (The Westport Mysteries)

March 27, 2018


Romantic Cozy Mystery & Suspense 

RELEASE DAY IS April 17, 2018.

MY REVIEW - This is another great read by Beth Prentice that will have you returning to Westport and the life of Lizzie as we join her in her next adventure. I totally enjoyed this book and l would love to read more about other characters in Lizzie’s life like Ed and Molly. I would love to see him find love and hear more about his life and Molly has a great story during this book that I hope we find out more about. I just love the feel-good feeling I have after reading this author’s books and this book will not disappoint as it will give you, laughter, excitement, suspense, mystery, entertainment, swoon-worthy men, friendship and most of all Lizzie’s funny family antics. I read an ARC copy of this great book and this is the honest and voluntary review that I would recommend to others.


What has been happening in Lizzie’s world? Lizzie has put her house up For Sale and with the news that her Stalker is out of prison life is again on high alert. How will Lizzie act when she is forced to spend more time with the sexy police officer that has feelings for her?


Lizzie’s love for old and charming old homes brings her to find a very abandon house in town that she and Riley would love to bring back to life. They soon find out there is a bit of mystery with the old house and the fact that there are 9 old abandoned houses’ in town all owned by the same person that no one can track down.


If you have read about Lizzie before you know her life never goes as a planned so this book is full of excitement and mysteries for her to unfold and be involved in. There is one point in this book that I had to hold my breath and read very fast to see where this author was going to take us with my anxiety at high alert to the drama unfolding in my kindle. 

Romantic Cozy Mystery & Suspense 

RELEASE DAY IS April 17, 2018.

BLURB-When the past comes back to haunt you.


Lizzie is ready for a new adventure in her life, and it doesn’t take long for her to find it. After hitting the For Sale sign in to the ground of her house of mysteries, she is quickly charmed by another old house that is in desperate need of some love and attention. Only the house has a secret of its own. Who is its owner? Why is he so hard to find? And why does he own nine other deserted homes in Westport?


Keen to start this new chapter in her life, and with the help of her crazy family, her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend Riley, and the super sexy policeman that has just declared his undying love for her, Lizzie stumbles from one clue to the next. But when her past reappears and mixes with her future everything she has ever loved is at stake.


Can Lizzie solve the forty-year-old mystery so that she and Riley can begin their next chapter together? Is her past really back to get her, or is there a copycat in Westport? Or will the star of her nightmares destroy everything before it even begins? Lizzie’s next adventure may not be as much fun as she had hoped.




On sale now for the special price of $1.99!
There's trouble in Westport and it seems to follow Lizzie wherever she goes!

This set includes the first two full length novels and a mini Westport mystery, where you meet Lizzie and follow her and her crazy family on a roller coaster ride of murder and mayhem!


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