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March 27, 2018

MY REVIEW - What a great first time read of this wonderful author, it had me full of emotions from sadness, excitement, inspiration, and exhilaration. I have a few books from this author sitting by my bedside waiting to be read and after this book, I will have to move them up my to-read list. This story reminds you life can change in a split second and affect everything you hold dear. have read an ACR copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review that I would highly recommend to others.


Kyle Kingston-Moore is a man using work to hide from his past and the exhilaration of flying and skydiving to give him the adrenaline he is seeking in give him some kind of life.



Kalani Hart is struggling to get her life back on track after her world crashed into pieces about 2 and a half years ago. She I unable to do just the normal things in life due to her anxiety and feels if she could Skydrive she would able to face anything else in life.



This books to told by both the characters point of view in each chapter with the style of "Than" and "Now" giving us the past history of each character. This is usually a style I do not enjoy much but the desire to learn about these wonderful characters had me turning the page to learn more.




Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2018

Blurb - Kyle Kingston-Moore has a reputation. Adrenaline seeker. Commitment-phobe. Gigolo of the skies.He’s worked tirelessly to make a success out of Sensational Skydives, on occasion providing extra services to deliver the ultimate jump experience. The adrenaline helps him forget the loneliness and the gaping hole left in his heart. When the rush wears off, he’s on the hunt again—a vicious circle of avoidance.

Kalani Hart knows all about avoidance.Wide-open spaces. Social situations. Uncontrolled environments.

For years, fear has crippled Kalani’s attempts to lead a normal life after a random attack that tore her family apart. Finally, Kalani is on her way to recovery. She knows she needs to face her nightmares, but taking the plunge is easier said than done. When her therapist challenges her to take on skydiving, item number one on her bucket list, Kalani has to decide if she’s truly ready to take charge of her life.Will one tandem jump with Kyle be the key to Kalani getting her life back, or will they both find themselves stranded in a place where their hearts decide what happens next?When the adrenaline is this high, anything can happen.






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