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In a Jam

April 11, 2018


Wow wow, I feel empty now that I have finished this great book and want to read more about these wonderful characters of this small town.  I was totally engrossed in this town and did not want to leave Smithville.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review by a first-time author to me.  I am so glad to have found this talented author as her wonderful storytelling kept me sane while I was sick in bed with the flu.  I love the cover of this book and the double meaning of the title.


What would you do for a chance to have millions dollars?


Or would love change your plans and how you feeling about yourself?


What would you do to save your town?


Can she make the Grandmother she barely knew proud of her?


These are some of the questions that will be answered while we learn about Andie and Gunner.  Andie is fumbling in life until her Grandmother passes and leaves her with a challenge to run her Coffee shop to gain her lotto winnings in her hometown of Smithville.


Gunner is a hometown boy how as returned home a few years ago to become the local police officer after his life come smashing down around him.  His town and family are what is most important to him and he has pledged to help the town grow.


There are many other great characters in this town that will have you laughing out loud and feeling their love for each other as they all find their way in the world of living in a small town full of gossip and busybodies.  I hope we get to meet and learn more about this small town and town people in future books.  This is a town I would love to live in as it sounds like a caring and great place to live.  A new fan has been found for this author.



BLURB -Andie Carson has to do three things to inherit her grandmother’s lottery winnings—sober up, spend a month running her grandmother’s Georgia coffee shop, and enter homemade jam in the county fair. If she can’t meet those terms, the money goes to the church, and Andie gets nothing. She figures her tasks will be easy enough, and once she completes them, Andie plans to sell the shop, take the money, and run back to Boston.


After a rough breakup from his crazy ex-fiancée, Officer Gunnar Wills decides to take a hiatus from women. All he wants is to help make his small town thrive the way it did when he was a kid. But when wild and beautiful Andie shows up, Gunnar’s hesitant heart begins to flutter.


Gunnar knows that Andie plans to leave, but he’s hoping to change her mind, fearful that if her coffee shop closes, Main Street will fold to the big-box corporations and forever change the landscape of his quaint community. But convincing her to stay means getting close enough to risk his heart in the process. Even though Gunnar makes small-town life seem a little sweeter, Andie has to decide if she’s ready to turn her world upside down and give up big-city life. One thing’s for sure—it’s a very sticky situation.

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