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This Life I

April 13, 2018


 Wow is all I can say the minute I finished this book!!!  I was very unsure sure when I first started to read my first Cara Dee novel if I was going to enjoy it as I found the flashback at the start to be hard to follow.  The positioning of the flashback and font had me losing my understanding of the story.  Thankfully this only lasted for a few chapters and by this time I was hooked on the story and the characters and could not put it down.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.


I gripping story about young love, family, trust, friendship, loyalty, revenge, mobster, deceit, hidden secrets and most of all lust.


Finnegan was born into the Irish mobster family of The Sons of Munster where traditions and rules date back generations.  Finnegan is a traditional man who has paid the price for his family's business and is looking for revenge.  To work his way up the ladder of the syndicate he needs to show trust to his Uncle and needs to become a family man and find himself a wife.  That wife needs to be sweet and loyal to the family and be a poster wife on his arm to improve his station.


Emilia Porter has not known of a loving family in her life as her mother died at her birth and her father is an alcoholic how blames her for her death.  She has had to work for everything she has and as she is about to turn 18 very soon she knows her days are numbered to have a place to call home.  Her father will kick her out of her home soon but she still need to finish school as well as working in her dinner job for many more hours than a school girl should work.

She is approached by a young man that wants to take her to dinner to talk about a proposal that will change her life.  But this is not normal you guy asking her out, Finnegan is a known mobster from Philly how as been in the news for doing time for his crimes.  He want to marry her and offer her a way out of this town and life.  But is her life bad enough to be involved with this kind of family.  Between her own issues with this situation and the fact that her best friend has also been proposed to by Finnegan brother Patrick what should a girl do?  They are both offering the girls three years of marriage, a new life with money at the end and the chance to walk away at the end.


Can the smooth talking Finnegan talk her into something she does not want?


Will the attraction be to strong for her to keep away from him?




I need Book Two NOW!!!!!! PLEASE

There is so much more to this story and I just can't wait to read more.  I hope we get to read Sarah and Patrick's story to find out if they will find more than just a marriage of convenience.

BLURB - Finnegan O’Shea

The Sons of Munster have been living this life for generations. We have our own protocol, our own traditions, dating back to when two families merged and created our syndicate in Ireland. Now, we have our strongholds in Philly and Chicago, and the wrong man holds the highest position. The day my uncle decided to betray us, he signed his own death warrant, and after a five-year hitch in the can, I’m ready to take everything from him. In order to ensure the demise of his management, I have to get close to him. I need to earn his trust and that of his closest associates. I’ll be the top earner he wants me to be. I’ll be the very image of a conventional family man.


For that to happen, this Irish bastard has to find himself a wife. Someone sweet and compliant who will stand by my side and make me look like I have too much to lose to screw over the head of the family.


Emilia Porter

When it rains, it pours, so I guess it’s been pouring for eighteen years now. Being from an old mining town that’s full of drunk cautionary tales, I spend my days juggling—and failing—school, work, and paying the bills so my dad can drink himself into a stupor. Then this freaking guy rolls into town in his expensive sports car and thinks I should marry him. This isn’t the fifties, and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll marry a well-known mobster. No matter how much money he promises me. No matter how intensely the chemistry sizzles between us.


He asks for three years of marriage. Then I’d be set for life, independent and free to start fresh on my own. Free to walk away. Who the hell does he think he is?


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