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Secret Wish (House of Morgan, #4)


I started reading this series at book 6 so I am going back and reading about some of the characters that I have already met and to find out how their stories started.  This book is a second chance romance in the middle of the Morgan family drama.  This is my honest and voluntary review of this book that I have read.


Luke had a difficult life and with no mother or father in his daily life he dedicated his life to become a Doctor.  He has only recently found out that is father’s last name was Morgan and was the man he knew has his banker.  He believes his father’s name was why his sister was kidnapped and he has moved to Miami to be closer to his family and his new siblings.


Car Soliz has a dream but she is living her mother’s life and has become the Morgan family’s housekeeper when her mother retires from the job.  Her life changed after she finished college and lost the love of her life after not seeing him until it was too late.  Her life is about to turn upside down when she learns the true name of the man she thought she had lost forever.


Will these two get a chance to see where their life could have gone many years ago, or will the Morgan family drama keep them apart?




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