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The Cowboy's Runaway Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 3)

This is the first book by Laurie LeClair that I have read and I must say I totally enjoyed every word.  This is my honest and voluntary review of this book that I read.  This book is a great cowboy story with great characters and is part 3 of a series.  I would love to read the first two books to learn more about Conner’s two brothers and to read more about Conner’s Gramps and Sweet Potato the pet miniature horse.


Elizabeth Eve Barrington has always done the right thing for her family and her father the renown heart surgeon.  Elizabeth learns on her wedding day that her groom is just using her to get to her father to make a financial gain for himself.  She runs from the church and hides in the back of a pickup truck to get as far out of Dallas as possible.


Connor McCall is in Dallas to get parts for the family farm with his Gramps and Sweet Potato for the day.  On their way home to Honor, Texas Conner discovers an extra passenger in his truck.  A Runaway Bride claiming to have amnesia.  She tells Conner her name is Eve and she does not know how she got into his truck.

Connor believes she is hiding something but agrees to take her home to the family farm.  Things do not go the way he hoped and he finds himself alone with her for a week working on the outer fields of the farm.


Can either of them fight the attraction they both have for each other?

What will happen when Conner learns the truth about Eve?

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