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Just For This Moment (Wishful Romance Book 4)

May 19, 2018


I just love being back in Wishful!  I started this series further along and it’s just great to go back and read the stories about the wonderful characters I have already meet in the later books.  This one is a modern day marriage of convenience that you will just fall in love with as we catch up with Myles and Piper from “Be Careful, It's My Heart”.  These books can be read as stand-alone or as the series from book one, if you read just one you will want to read them all as Kait Nolan makes you feel like you live in this quaint little town called Wishful.  Some of the books are very sweet and some have a little bit of spice to them but all full you with joy as you read.


Myles Stewart owns the local newspaper and she has become his mistress since he has been in town to find his impedance from his controlling family.  He has been working hard to make the paper a success and to write the journalism that he believes is needed in the town he has grown to love.  To fit into the town Myles joined the local theatre club and role in the Christmas production of “White Christmas” where he found more than just friends.


Piper Parish lives for the moment and love to scheme to help her friends and helping is what she does best as a nurse.  Piper loves to perform in the town musical and this is where she met Myles so months ago and their attraction for each other started.  But Piper didn’t want the bright lights of the theatre to affect their relationship so she has a rule of waiting 3 months after the production before she would ever consider dating an ex-co-star.


The three months are over and Myles plans to ask Piper out for a date but his day doesn’t go as planned.  H finds out is a major investor is going to pull out of the paper and he will have to find the money to keep his paper under his control.  His friend and attorney Tucker suggests he marry a Los Vegas showgirl to gain control of his trust fund from his Grandfather that has one big stipulation.. He must be married to receive it.


When Piper learns of Myles problem she wants to help and straight away tell him she will marry him so he can save his beloved paper.  She has it all planned out, a great guy can he be her Just At The Moment test drive into marriage.


What happens when a fake marriage turns to something else? 


Will it all turn out the way they planned it would?



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