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Wish I Might (Wishful Romance Book 5)

May 19, 2018


We finally get to read Cecily Dixon’s story, she followed Norah Burke to town in book one “To Get Me To You” and decided to stay for now.  These books can be read as stand-alone or as the series from book one, if you read just one you will want to read them all as Kait Nolan makes you feel like you live in this quaint little town called Wishful.  Some of the books are very sweet and some have a little bit of spice to them but all full you with joy as you read.  .  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of it.  If you have not read a Kait Nolan give this one a try you will not be sorry.  This was a nice feel-good romance that makes your heart swell for the characters.  I just love the feel I get from this book cover.


Norah was her boss in Chicago at a marketing firm where she had an internship with.  But know her internship with Norah is over and the small town of Wishful cannot offer a paying job so it looks her time in this sweet little town may come to an end very soon.


Reed Campbell was born in Wishful and is the owner of the local but struggling bookstore in town.  Reed and Cecily at a moment and a kiss last summer but Cecily took a step back from him and has kept her distance from Reed and the bookstore ever since.


Cecily wants her independence away from her family and to prove to them she can make a power-house career on her own.  She is asked to do one for a favor for her former boss to help the local bookstore with an Author signing event.  She cannot say no to Norah but that means she will have to see Reed, not just see him but work with him.


Will the close quarters bring these two together?


But with Cecily looking for a high-powered job her time is short.

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