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Can't Take My Eyes Off You

June 3, 2018

Wow what a read this book was, I was totally engrossed in this story and the wonderful characters.  This has a suspenseful storyline revolving around the great little town of wishful.  I am enjoying this new series that coincides with the Wishful series.  Who does not love a hero and in this book Former US Marshal Ethan Greer and the new Chief of Police of Wishful will fit the bill quite well.  In this series Kait Nolan gives us more suspense, drama, and most of all a hero and heroine to completely lose yourself in their story.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of it.

I have been waiting to read Dr Miranda Campbell story as we have read about her in many of the Wishful romance books and have a learned a bit about her personality.  We had also met Chief of police Ethan Greer as he is just recently new in town and his job.


Dr Miranda Campbell was born in Wishful and a few years ago return to her beloved home down to start up her practice to help the residents of Wishful.  Her practice has been her life, her shifts at the hospital's ER, volunteer work at the new women's shelter as well as her family and friends she has had no time for anything else. 


Ethan Greet has left the US Marshal’s for a quieter life and working environment the adjusting to life in a small town is slow but just what he was looking for.  The amazing Dr Miranda Campbell soon grabs his attention soon after he moves to town, but when she needs his help with someone vandalizes her car, he is there to offer more.


Miranda has had no time to even notice a sexy guy in years but

when the sexy new police chief comes to town she takes notice.  She soon finds herself in need of a lawman to help find the person responsible for all the threat targets she is receiving personally and professionally.


Ethan goes into protection overload to protect Miranda and to find the criminal, but the road to finding the person caused many problems between the two.  Can they both do their jobs that are so important to the town of Wishful and find what they both need as well?


If I Didn't Care: A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 1)

Watch Over Me: A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 2)






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