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Heartstrings (Hale Street Book 11)

June 3, 2018

What a wonderful story this book was I have only read one other book by Amy Knupp at this time and it was not from this Hale Street Series.  This book is about following your dreams and heart as well as learning to take the advice of other on your journey to find your true self.  Who doesn’t love a country singer that has a heart of gold and the desire to make it big?  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review of it.  As this book is number 11 in the series it is safe to say it can be read as a stand-alone but I am sure if you had read some of the other books you would we familiar with some of the great characters in this book.  There seems to be a great close group of friends in this series that gives this story a great feel and want you to go back and read the other stories to find out more about them all.


Country music is Tucker Steele’s life and passion and the only dream he has ever wanted to follow.  As a singer and songwriter Tucker is wanting to make this band's next album the best of his career after their upcoming tour was canceled before it even began.  But his is having a major problem with is writing and the songs are just on flowing the same way they have in the past.


Gin Verdinelli is the manager of the local music store and new into town after she left her college and giving up her desire to continue playing her Cello.  She moved to Nashville in search of a normal life as her youth was given to her passion for classical music.  She has soon made friends and has started a enjoy her life and after attending her first country music show she has a fangirl crush on Tucker Steele.


When Tucker learns of Gin’s musical talent and her ability to be truthful about his music he makes an offer and she accepts to help.  But the more time they spend together the stronger their feeling for each other grows.


Will Tucker put something before his music and will this dream of the best selling album come true?


Will Gin find a new passion to replace her Cello?





A box set in this great series.





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