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Murder in the Museum: An Edmund DeCleryk Mystery (Edmund DeCleryk Mysteries Book 1)

This is the author’s first fiction novel and the first in her series of Edmund DeCleryk Mystery’s.  It was also the first paperback I have read in some time and I must say I love both the feel of a book in my hand and the wonderful story unfolding between my fingers.  The story is well written and the grammar and description have you feeling and see the author’s words come to life in your mind.  What a wonderful part of the world this book is set in. Karen Shughart has worked professionally as a journalist, writer, and editor hence this is shown in her writing style which flows and entertains you to the end.


It was nice to read a mystery where I do not completely anticipate the ending from the start of the book and the killer and ending was a surprise for me.  The characters were well developed and I just love the husband and wife aspect of the story.  I love how we had two stories in one mystery the current murder and the past of the 1800’s.  I can promise once you pick this book up you will be unable to put it down and this is coming from a romance reader and blogger, who only sometimes reads cozy mysteries or murder mysteries.


Retired chief of police Edmund DeCleryk is about to get busy when a body is found on the beach at the bottom of the lighthouse in his hometown.  It’s not the only crime of the moment as the museum at the lighthouse has also been broken into, are the two connected?  Is the death of Emily Bradford the result of a burglary gone wrong or a premeditated murder?


Ed is called in to consult on the recent murder at the lighthouse in which his wife works and is friends with the victim.  His search for the murderer will lead him along a long path to a with any twist and turns with treasure maps, old manuscripts from the present time to the past history of this town and the people that live here.


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