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Salvation in Chaos (CKMC Book 1)

This the first book by this author that I have read and the first MC I have read in some time, and I am happy to say I enjoyed this book very much.  It had enough Drama, suspense, attraction, sex, chemistry to hold me interested until the end.  The story flowed nicely and was easy to read.  I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.  Book 1 of the series and can’t wait to read more books in this series to see where the author will take us.

You could not help but fall in love Ratchet the big biker dude from the Chaos MC as he fights with his memories of his past and the desire to protect this little rabbit that popped into his life unexpectedly but has turned his world upside down.


Sam has had a life of violence, abuse and abandonment and is the property of the Hell Hounds MC.  She tries to run away during Bike Week and her path crosses with a huge sexy biker call Ratchet.  He made her feel different and she was unsettled by these feeling so she runs from him as well.


Will their path cross again?                                                                                                       

Can Ratchet be the hero this time around and save the girl?


Can Sam trust and feel emotions for someone after all her abuse in her life?


BLURB - Ratchet

When I stake my claim on Sam, she drugs me, steals my money and runs off like a frightened rabbit on a rainy night at Bike Week. I was determined to find her again, and when I do she’s with Sid and the Hell Hounds MC. She’s the Real I never knew I needed. I don’t give a damn what she’s done to survive. I will protect what’s mine and keep her safe from the Hell she escaped from.


I was property of the Hell Hounds MC. Used, violated, abused. I knew I’d be good as dead if I didn’t escape Sid and the club. So I ran and tried to blend in with rowdy crowds at Bike Week. But then the huge scruffy biker who called himself Ratchet of the Chaos Kings MC claimed me as his, I ran from him. I dreaded and hoped I would see him again. He showed me kindness with his touch that took my breath away, and made my body tingle.


BOOK 2 Deep in Chaos (CKMC Book 2)



I turned on my brothers, my club – the Hell Hounds MC. Why? It’s simple. I was done and wanted out. There was no reason for me to stay in this town, but I had to make it right with the Chaos Kings MC. The only reason I did was because of her – Tanya. I just had to taste her, even if it was just once. She brings out a different man inside me, making me want that legit life. And once I taste her, I won’t ever want to let her go.


My stomach flipped the second I saw Skully for the first time. But he was off limits. There was no way I could ever be with him. He was a Hell Hound and could never be trusted. The man pushed all of my buttons. But I craved his touch, even though I knew that I shouldn’t. Part outlaw, part hero – the most confusing man on the planet. I’d just started to get over the most painful breakup of my life. I didn’t want lust, or love. I wanted nothing to do with any man. But…when it came to Skully, he was my weakness. Why should I deny myself? I wanted him, and I will have him.


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