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The Cursed Girl

This is a long book so if you are after a book to really get your teeth into this one might do the trick.  It has a bit of everything in a magical fantasy world you enjoy to read about.  The author was very descriptive with her words and had you visualizing the items or places in her book.  The first half of the book was very good and I enjoyed it the most but I found the second half a bit hit and miss both the story plot and flow of the story.  Eva character was so strong and powerful at the start and by the end, I felt she had changed too much from the hero the author wanted us to have.


But saying all that I was glued to the end to see what would happen to only find out there is more to come.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.  The story is told by our heroine, Eva she tells us that she is a witch and can live for hundreds of years, her job is to protect humanity from demons and other dark forces from taking over and controlling earth.


Eva, is a sixteen-year-old witch, who lives with her mother and best friend Ritta in 13th century Spain. Eva is a local healer who wishes for the simple life among human peasants and does not like the privilege Royals of the kings and queens of any countries.  One day she meets a young boy named Johnathan who with his best friend Alec will change her future. Together with her faithful cat Midnight, the three will travel far to save each other and the future of their country and others during the war.  They will have to fight more than just the enemy but also many dark evil powers from the magical world.  Eva will learn along the way that friendship, love as well as magic cannot save them all. 


Jonathan's the Prince who is destined to become king after the death sudden death of this father, but because of his young age his uncle is to take the running of the country first. His uncle wants to keep the reign of control and become the King himself and as a result bring war and death to the country.  Jonathan will do just about anything to win the approval of Eva, but how far will he go and what will he give up to win her love?

Alec has grown up with Jonathan and is like brothers and best of a friend.  They form a friendship with Eva the healer and she will save their lives more than one in their battle for freedom.  When the war is over and they all return to their normal lives will the three be about to overcome their difference in this world?


Looking forrward to the next book.




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