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June 14, 2018

Just when you have fallen in love with one Crow Brother (Jet) another one comes along to win your heart all over again.  Tulsa may be the youngest brother but so far he has entertained me the most with his story, Brillant is the only way to describe this book.  Drummers hit it harder and do it better.  I must agree with the author’s words in her description of Tulsa the drummer of the Crow brother’s band.  The chemistry between the two characters in very hot and at the same time very romantic that you just wish you had that kind of attention.  Their banter and Nicki’s feisty attitude wins me over very quickly.  Tulsa is a COMPLETE STANDALONE in The Crow Brothers series and I just can’t wait until the next book to read Rivers story.  If you have not read any books by S.L. Scott before this is the book you MUST read.  There are so many lines in this book that have stayed with me over the last few days.

– "She's my purpose. My life. My responsibility. And I will honor that, and more in the many years to come"


 - "I can play live in front of twenty-thousand screaming fans, but only one woman holds the key to my destiny."


- “You make me want you when I’m not supposed to, when I’m not allowed to.”


- "Nikki Faris is a devil in a short dress. I'm starting to think her sole objective on this tour is to torture me."


- "She's starting to touch parts of me inside that have always been off-limits, untouchable by others. Until now, I never knew what I was missing, but she makes it easy to see."

- “Other than playing music, sex is my favourite sport; it took a lot of practice to be this perfect.”

Brilliant-Amazing-outstanding-heartwarming-swoon worthy-addictive are just some of the words I feel for this great book.


Can a cocky rock star find his sensitive side and find love on the tour of his life or will he destroy everything that his brothers and he have worked so hard to accomplish?  Tulsa never finds it hard to find a willing woman to spend time with but when he meets the sexy lead singer of Faris Wheel he soon learns he may just have to work to get this one’s attention.  Nikki is not giving him the attention he wants and she seems to not be interested in a Rockstar. Tulsa’s brother warned him, "Be careful. The past has a way of catching up with your future." And “Women. They have a way of changing us before we even realize it’s even happened.”

 Nikki Faris is the lead singer of her band Faris Wheel with her brother on tour with two other bands.  They can’t believe they have this wonderful chance to tour and play in large arenas.  Nikki has finally gotten her life back on track and doing what her heart tells her to do and that is to sing.  Distraction on this tour is not what she needs but when she meets the cocky and self-assured drummer from the Crow Brothers band she knows she may be in for a long tour.


"When you say it with your accent, I want to take off my panties. Why does it affect me like that?" 

“He definitely gets a lot of attention. He’s confident, cocky actually, and well aware of his good looks and the appeal of being a musician.”

“I’ve been with a hot guy before. Been there and done him. I don’t just want hot anymore. I want substance. I want what my parents have.”




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