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Chasing Hope (Harper Family #2)

How far would you go to save your marriage?  Well that is the question Justin Harper must ask himself as he decides to go home tonight.  This book is a wonderful and thought-provoking story of the struggles most face in a marriage, but this one has fertility struggles as well.  This is a big topic in the world we live in know and I am sure a lot of readers will find comfort and support in the words of this wonderful author.  I have been lucky not to have fertility struggles but it has opened my eyes and reminded me of the fact we must keep the lines of communication open to keep that happy loving marriage alive and well.


This is the second book this series and we learn more about the Harper family during this book.  We get to see where Lizzy and Tanner are at now and if anything has happened with them learning about their half-sister Rebecca.  .  I received an ARC of this book and have voluntarily written my honest review.


Justin Harper married the girl of his dreams and the dream was to have a house full of children and a loving happy wife.  But this dream has been a bit derail the last year or so with the couple having fertility problems after having their son 5 years ago.  After many months of fights, arguments, tension and disappointments Justin takes the biggest step to try and save his marriage.  He moves out.


Maddie Harper is not living her dream to have a great big family and the disappointment of not becoming pregnant is what she thinks of all day every day.  She does not see what is wrong until after Justin moves out of their family home and she must do something to keep the man she loves.  The next weeks will have her looking at herself and her relationship with her husband in a different light.


Can they find each other again and be the happy couple they were when they first married?


Can they both overcome the fact they can’t give the other one what they want or need?  A Baby.


Can Maddie find happiness in the family she has now and learns to accept she may never have a baby again?


Can Justin be the husband that Maddie needs?


* * * A SEXY small-town contemporary romance * * *


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