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Let There Be Love (The Sled Dog Series Book 1)


I just loved this book and wondered why I had taken me so long to read it, I know because there are so many other Melissa Storm books to read as well. I read this book on a plane flight to the US from Australia so I had many many hours to kill and this entertain me for quite a few.  I loved Lauren Dalton the female characters spirit and her desire to find the answers she needed and the courage to start a new life so far from home.  The male character Shane Ramsey was one of those characters that at first you want to hate but you had to look through his pain and disappointments in life to see what the real person was like.  This is a great book to start a new series by Melissa Storm and you will fall in love with her writing style and her amazing descriptive stories she has to share with us.  The book has two things l love Alaska and an epic romance story and I hope you will give it a read as well.  Alaska, Cute Sled Dogs and a Cute man what more do you need in a great book?


ABOUT THE SERIES: Get ready to fall in love with a special pack of working and retired sled dogs, each of whom change their new owners' lives for the better.

Book 1: Let There Be Love
Book 2: Let There Be Light
Book 3: Let There Be Life
Book 4: Season of Mercy

...with more coming soon!


Great new box set available now Books 1 - 3



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