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PROVIDENCE: Mystery of the Soul Ties (1)

This is the first book this author has written and was published some time ago.  Do you believe in Love at first sight? This story had ups and downs for me as I struggled with the main female characters view of the world in which she lived in and the decisions she made.  I did have a problem with her dishonesty but that is my opinion and my values not the authors or the characters.  The writing of this book is beautiful and well written but I did find myself losing interested at times during the story.  It might have just been my impatience to find out who Jewls would end up with in the end.   I enjoyed learning a bit more about the South African culture during this book with the family interactions/respect and how there staff where more like family than employees.


Micheal Mokoena was a happy five-year-old boy who was best friends with Tomas Jama and both boys were present at the birth of Jewls Jama.  From the moment Michael was hand the newborn baby girl his loved her and vowed to protect her always.  Jewls Jama was born in a very affluent family in Johannesburg in South Africa and treated as a princess by everyone that loved her.


Michael and Jewls grow up together as friends and as time flew by they started to each grow different feelings for each other, but they did not share the feeling with the other one even though they share every other part of their life with the other.  They were like brother and sister until it all changed just before Jewls when to the USA to further her studies.


Jewls was going for 2 years to the USA and leaving her family and friends was very hard for her, but on day one of Collage she meets a man called Jeremiah and anew friendship was started one that would lead to so much more.  But did this relationship have a used by date ah Jewls was determined to return home after studies had finished.


Than Jewls decided to meet Michael in Paris for the Christmas New Year holiday period where they both told each other the truth of their feelings.  But what about Jeremiah that she had left behind in the US?


Can you be in love with two men at the same time?  This is a question Jewls will have to ask herself during this book.  Will love and destiny prevail or will the wrong decisions change everything?  Are Jewls and Michael soul mates or Jewls and Jeremiah?  You will have to read to learn more and with the possibility of more books in this trilogy the end may just change in the future.


Definition of providence - divine guidance or care



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