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If I Didn't Care: A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 1)

June 23, 2018

I am a great fan of Kait Nolan and have read many of her books and like most I do not always read them in order.  “Wishing for a Hero” is a series with a bit more suspense but is still set in Wishful with all the characters that we have fallen in love with.. If you have not read Kait Nolan I would recommend you start with this one, as it has a bit of everything you are looking in a great small town romance with mystery and suspense all rolled in together.  This story is about a second chance and protecting the one you love with all your power.  Childhood friends that have the closes of relationship with each other do what must to protect the other from danger. 


Judd Hamilton Officer of the Law in Wishful has lived in this small town all his life and that life is good at the moment with his girlfriend Mary Alice.  Autumn Bruckanan is his oldest and dearest friend, they have known each other for the past 25 years and he has always been her protector.  He has protected her many times and has had to put his real feelings for her aside to protect her to save them both.  But when she needs protection from her past again, can he keep those feeling at bay?


Autumn is living with a heart condition and has overcome a childhood of emotional and physical abuse with only one person she could ever trust - Judd.  Autumn is keeping a big secret from her friends and the town, she is not just the friendly librarian they all love and know.  She also Rumor Fairchild a very successful erotic romantic suspense author.  She has kept the secret of herself and the fact that the very sexy and swoon-worthy male character of her books are based on her very best friend Judd.


Judd has been her character Hero in her books and also her real-life Hero in life as well, but she has hidden her feeling as his friendship and protection are the most important thing to her.  Can she keep all her secrets when her history comes knocking at her door again?


Will Judd do everything in his power to protect Autumn or all will his have to go against all his beliefs to save her this time?


Watch Over Me: A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 2)



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A Small Town Romantic Suspense (Wishing For A Hero Book 3)



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