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Dare to Dream (Texas Boys Book 1)

June 25, 2018

I have only ever read one story a novella by C.J.Welles before this great book and that was part of the It Started With A Kiss: Anthology “Meant to be” ***** review.  Dare to dream was full of so many emotions and stories that you can not help but find yourself glued to the screen devouring every word the author has written.  This book has strong and very likable characters that you just wanted to know better as they share their story, their past, and hopefully there futures with us.  I just loved this book and can’t wait to read the next book in this wonderful series to learn more about these characters and hopefully new ones as well. There was no cliffhanger at the end but the story is still wide open for everyone around Callie and Jace with some of these still in progress with in this book.


Callie is haunted by her past and is traumatized by what has been done to her, but she has tried to move on with her life.  She thought she had done a good job of hiding her past until she meets Jace who will make her feel things and force her to look at herself all over again.  Has she met someone that will care for her and make her wildest dreams come true, will that help remove her past?  Or will the past still play a part to destroy the future she so strongly wants with someone?


Jace goes looking for some distraction just a week after his father’s death and he will end the night with a bigger distraction than he ever wanted.  Jace has had to make many changes in his life of late but Callie is a change he is willing to make and someone to make dreams with.  Can Jace be the man that can help her overcome her demons or will they both fight the ability to trust each other?


Dare to Dream (Texas Boys Book 1)


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