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Lightning and Lawmen (Baker City Brides Book 5)

WOW I think this may be my favorite Shanna Hatfield book I have read so far.  The wonderful descriptive words had me almost smelling the wonderful flowers in Delilah’s garden and had me strolling down the streets of Baker City like a local.  This is the first book of this series that I have read and I will be going back to book one to read about all the fanatic characters I read throughout this book to discover their full stories.  This book had a strong female character, drama and a bit of suspense, a love triangle, loving friendships, a mystery, but most of all it had a beautiful romance.  I received an ARC copy of this great book and this is my honest and voluntary review that I would highly recommend to any romance reader.  The author has a very gifted writing style with delightful stories that will entertain you and make you believe in True Love.


Deputy Dugan Durfey is a lawman that will have his world turn around not from the dangers of his job but from one graceful beautiful girl that moves to town.  He also finds out his best friend and co-worker has also realized the beauty of the newcomer in town.  He soon finds himself protecting Delilah from many dangers she finds herself in like her determination to have a raccoon as a pet.


Delilah Robbins moves with her meteorologist father to the town of Baker City, Oregon to start his new job, she has made the move for him and already misses her home.  Delilah soon realized that Baker city has a lot more to offer than she first thought, like very handsome lawman’s, many new birds and wildlife, and the chance to build a new sanctuary for her beloved birds she so much enjoys in her new backyard.  She may also discover more than what she ever wanted as she makes a new home for herself and her father with many new friends along the way.



 If you love sweet, funny, tender romance, read all the Baker City Brides books!


* Tad's Treasure (Prequel to the series) - Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man’s wife and child. Will his heart withstand the vow when he falls in love with the widow and her son?  FREE


* Crumpets and Cowpies (Book 1) - Rancher Thane Jordan is about it meets his match in the lovely Lady Jemma Bryan.  FREE


* Thimbles and Thistles (Book 2) - Maggie Dalton doesn't need a man, especially not one as handsome as charming as Ian MacGregor.  99 CENTS


* Corsets and Cuffs (Book 3) - Sheriff Tully Barrett meets his match when a pampered woman comes to town, catching his eye and capturing his heart. $3.99


* Bobbins and Boots (Book 4) - Carefree cowboy Ben Amick ventures into town to purchase supplies, and returns home married to another man’s mail-order bride.$3.99


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