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Dawn of the Dragon (Hidden Dragons Book 2)

This is book 2 of the series and has it has been some time since I read the first one “Call of the Dragon”.  Book 2 starts soon after book one finishes but it is a stand-alone story that you should be able to follow without know the first story.  It was great to familiarize myself with some of the characters of this series and to learn about Logan and Hazel’s story.  This fantasy shifter book is full of Dragon, Vampires, Werewolf, Succubus’s and Genie’s to give us a very enjoyable and entertaining read.  I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.  The story is set over just a few days and moves through the timeframe well to tell us the fantasy romance story.


Hazel Smithson was abandoned by her birth parents so she as abandonment and self confidence issue after many years in the foster care system.  She is thinking of leaving town with Sam Sheridan to give him her virginity but she knows he will not stay around too long, as everyone lever her at some time.  But when he almost forces her to leave with him Hazel soon realizes something is not quite right and she needs to run.  She soon comes face to face with her fear about Sam and she runs for her life and that of a baby boy that was given to her by the baby’s mother to protect.


Logan de Marco has been on the search for his soul mate/partner and when he finds her running from the vampire Sam he jumps in to save her life.  He soon realized he has saved two lives at once, but the journey for the 12 is still in danger.  Logan transformed right before Hazels eyes In human form he is handsome and a perfect specimen of a man but as a Dragon he is the most magnificent creature she has ever see.


She feels safe and happy with Logan from the very first second, but it is not what it seems and she feels different as she learns the truth about herself.  The world is not the way she believed it was but full of danger and she is not what she always thought she was weak! 

She was strong as she learned she was a Dragon and her life at changed forever.


If that change is good or bad she will have to have to wait and see.


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