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Four Last First Dates (Cozy Cottage Café #4)

August 6, 2018

Wow, this one is my favourite out of this series that I have read.  I have read 3 of the 4 books of the Cozy Cottage Café series, this one had me reading and not wanting to stop.  I found Bailey to sweet, caring and a loving person that I so badly want her to find her happy ever after again.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review of it.  You can read this as a stand-alone or as part of the series as I have missed one and still found I was not missing anything that would make this last book hard to understand.  This book gave me that happy feeling when I finished well done Kate O'Keeffe on a wonderful series.


Bailey is the owner of the Cozy Cottage Café and with her friends Cassie, Paige, and Marissa they all made a pack in book one to make the next man they date to be their last date.  The other three have already found they happily ever after and they final last date but Bailey was still on the lookout for hers.


Bailey had recently been on a speed dating night where her friends thought would work but she didn’t find her true love there.  Was the problem her, was she still not over the one she lost 3 years ago?  Why did Marissa’s brother remind her of Thor and her heart beat a little bit faster every time she sees him?


Will Bailey find her one and only or will she live in the past with the one she had?


In this book we get to see the first Marriage of one of the girls while Paige and Bailey take the next step with their business together to grow the café into something more.

The newest title in the bestselling series!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★"I adored it. Very highly recommended!" - Author Laura Heffernan

What do you do when you've agreed to a pact with your friends to get married, but neither you nor the guy in your sights is quite ready to fall in love?

Bailey De Luca is the last of her friends to complete the Last First Date pact--to marry the next guy she dates. But lady luck must be in a bad mood, because so far, it's all come to nothing.

Everywhere she looks people are in love. Everyone except her. Is she fundamentally unlovable? Or is it that she's already found--and lost--The One? Whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: Bailey never expected to be alone at thirty.

When one of her friends announces her engagement with a rock that could eclipse the sun, Bailey throws herself into a new business. Starting up Cozy Cottage Catering seems like the perfect way to bury her head in the sand. But fate has other ideas, and soon Bailey is swept off her feet by the oh-so cute Ryan Jones.

Ryan may seem like the perfect combination of Prince Charming meets Thor (without the hammer), but is Bailey ready to be with him?

Or will the ghost of her past love prevent her from finding happiness again?

Escape to New Zealand in this fun, feel-good sweet romance.

Books in the Cozy Cottage Café series:
Book 1: One Last First Date
Book 2: Two Last First Dates
Book 3: Three Last First Dates
Book 4: Four Last First Dates



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