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The Shadow Files: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Suspense Novels

The Shadow Files:
DARK SOUL by Kim Petersen

This is Arella’s story Millie’s daughter from Kim Petersen’s other books in this wonderful an Ascended Angel Chronicles. This is a stand-alone book that you can read if you have not read any of the others in the series without feeling like you have missed important past information. Kim Petersen is a fantastic writer that will pull you right inside the story with her, with every descriptive word in her paranormal fantasy world. I was a bit unsure at the start of this book on how the story was going to evolve but the more I read the more I wanted to know about Regan and the more I wanted to understand him. Kim Petersen has a way with words and wonderful characters into her paranormal world, full of witches, demons, an angel. I received an ARC copy of this book for my voluntary honest review which I would highly recommend to others.

This book had me hook and intrigued by its drama, laughter, friendship, suspense, danger, entertainment and paranormal fantasy world. The end doesn’t leave you on a cliff-hanger but it does leave you wanting more and with questions about other characters involved in this book. I very much look forward to the next instalment in this series to see how and where these characters develop and how the story evolves deeper as they try to save the world from the Dark evils that exist.

This book is just one story out of 22 that will keep you entertained for many hours and have on the edge of your set with suspense and drama.

Magic, mystery and adventure await you in these 22 Mystical stories!
Follow the lives of your favorite paranormal entities as they battle what lurks within the shadows of their supernatural worlds.
Dance with Lucifer, experience love from beyond the grave, solve a case ... Grimm-style.
Tangle with vampires, discover relics and get ready for adventures more exciting than Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones!
Follow mages and rebel angels as they battle the evil threatening to end magic ... forever.
 All this and more can be found inside these exciting and mystical stories!

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