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Hidden Gabriel: Formerly Winter Peril (A Frosted Game of Hearts Book 1)

August 22, 2018

I found this book very hard to read the flow of the story has me re-reading many parts just to understand what was going on. This has only ever happened with one other book by Victoria Pinder and I have read many of her books before. I had to keep reading to see what the mystery of the chateau and Gabriel, but at times I almost gave up. This book must be a very early work of this author as her writing style is a lot different and better of late. I really questioned the likelihood of this story happening and the recitations of the characters. I must say the last 20% of the book was the best to follow and read.


Erica Mira is driving in a snowstorm in the dead of winter in a very isolated mountain area when she loses control of her car and crushes. She is trapped with nowhere to go, it all white out there! She soon realises to say her life she must leave the car and find better shelter so off she goes to the deep snow to find a place to get help. Near hypothermia she arrives at a chateau that is in darkness but thank god the door was unlocked, she walks in and to find.


Gabriel Murphy is a mystery man living alone in an old snow resort chateau, but he helps the unexpected visitor to his home and offers assistance. Gabriel has very dark moods and has many secrets he does not want to share as he lives alone on the mountain with his own demons.


Erica finds him very sexy and intriguing and cant’ help her attraction to him even with his strange behaviour. Gabriel is not the only thing mysterious but also the chance has many strange occurrences which lead Erica to uncover a terrible secret.



Kindle Edition, 280 pages

Published December 7th 2017 by Love in a Book

I'm trapped. I won't get out of this house until the snow melts on this mountain. And I never thought broody was sexy until I met Gabriel. Erica Mira heads to an isolated factory in the depth of winter where a a storm destroys her car. She fights her way to chalet up the mountain in snow so deep she might die. But despite mysterious occurrences in the mysterious chalet with strange cries and noises that influences her actions, she becomes intrigued with her host and only other person the imposing home, the broody, wealthy mysterious Gabriel Murphy. His dark moods and the strange occurrences in the house lead her to discover a terrible secret that he had hoped to hide from her forever. Erica will need all her courage, love and smarts to triumph and let her win a happily-ever-after. 




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