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Forbidden: Student teacher romance

August 29, 2018


This is a new author to me and I must say she will be added to my to-read list from now on.  I was very unsure when I first started this book as the title says forbidden student-teacher romance is a bit Taboo but we soon learn the teacher is a young 25-year-old woman and the student is an 18-year-old senior about to graduate.  This is a book is a lot more than just a romance between a teacher and student it is about family, love, respect, right and wrong and finding your right path in life.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review of it that I would highly recommend if you like your romance hot and spicy.  I still have many more questions unanswered from the book and would love to read more about these characters and how their lives unfold in the future.  Once you get over the taboo of the book you will not be able to put it down with the swoon full romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and felt that this couple were a perfect fit for each other the younger more experienced man and the slightly older but more inexperienced female that loved her 80's romance.

Zayne Turner is the son of the Mayor and as such he can get away with anything he wants.  But when his wants turn to the new teacher in town things change for him, he might just have to work a little bit more for what he wants this time around.  Everyone thinks he has a perfect life but they do not walk in his footsteps to know the truth.  Miss Macmillian soon become a oppression that he can just to explain to himself.


Kim Macmillian is new in town with her 17-year-old niece come her dependent Shannon.  Since the death of her sister and the loss of the fiancé Kim has done everything to make life better for her niece and herself but she is unsure if moving to this small town has been the right move.  None of the other teachers interacts with her, but she does enjoy the students she teachers.  So when a student from the same school that she doesn’t teach shows interest in her on a personal note she soon finds herself more attracted than she should be.  He is 18 years old but she is a teacher, he is known as the boy about town but she cannot fight her feeling and soon things happen behind closed doors.


Can the two make thing last when they have to hide their relationship?


Shannon works it out very fast and a lovely relationship/friendship starts between her and Zayne.


But secrets are hiding in the Tuner family and Zayne is determined to work them out before his father learns his secret.



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