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Sunset Thunder (The Caliendo Resort #1)

September 9, 2018

As I make my way into the depth of Shannyn Leah’s books I soon figured out that they almost all revolve around the town of Willow Valley.  With characters interchanging between series to be all connected in some way, which I must say I am enjoying.  This book had me totally hooked and awake at 4.30 am reading the second half on my day off.   This book gave me that wonderful Loving feeling when I finished that these two people had finally found there One and Only that it lulled me straight back to sleep, as I was contented with the journey I had just read.  This is a steaming romance not a steamy sex book that will have you hooked on the Caliendo and McAdams families making you want to read more.  I did find a few typo errors in this book but this did not affect my reading of it a great story that will give you a twist or turn that might just surprise you as it did me.


Violet Caliendo is the wedding coordinator for her families Willow Valley Resort where she makes the dreams come true for many couples by giving them her Happily ever after the wedding day.  You might find her career strange as Violet doesn’t believe in a happily ever after love anymore but she is the best at delivering this for others.  Violet is a divorce and is currently helping to plan her ex-husband's wedding, no they are not that close that you would think this is normal. Her marriage was a cold loveless marriage that was forced on her by her father and it lasted 10 years, but it did produce two amazing children that she will never regret.  She is doing it for the appearance because she doesn’t want it to look bad on the family or the Resort as both the bride and groom have a connection to this Resort.


Ryder Carlex is her ex-husbands best man and friend but when a panic attack leads Violet into a room in the Resort she finds him in her presence.  He is a playboy but this doesn’t stop her from hiding her present situation and fears with a quickie with this very sexy man before meeting her ex-husbands and bride to a wedding planning meeting.  Will an emotionally charged moment with Ryder just be a onetime thing or with the sparks she felt be returned?

Ryder has had a very difficult few years with family and business and is totally surprised by Violet's action but the surprise it that he thought it was the best sex of his life, but she is is friends ex-wife.  Can he break down her walls to find out if there is something more for the two of them than just a one time thing?


These two will have a lot of hurdles to overcome if they want a Happily Ever After together as there is past secrets, past mistakes, past baggage and future issues to jump over.


There is two character in this book that you will dislike Joel is one he is Violet’s ex-husband who is an obnoxious, conniving, selfish, money hungry, cheating douchebag.  Robert Caliendo plays a manipulative role in the lives of his children and as each book is read in these two series we learn more about the underhanded way he ran his family and his business.


There is an alternative ending of the author's webpage if you are interested in reading it.  I did and I am unsure which I would I like the most

This book can be read as a standalone, but for more enjoyment read them in the order of the series, as all the characters appear in future books. 

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