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Blinded (Elkridge #1)

September 10, 2018

This is the first book by this author I have read, it is also the first book of the Elkridge series in which I think I have found my new home for a while.  I just loved the characters, the town, and most of all the story we were taken on during this wonderful book.  Blinded is a very heartwarming tale with a suspenseful and life-affirming story that will have you sucked right in from the first chapter.  This book was almost impossible to put down when I got to the end of one chapter I just had to keep reading it was that good.  I was given an ARC copy and this is my voluntarily writing an honest review. This is a second chance story with a small town mystery that will have you falling in love with the characters in this small town of Elkridge.


Joey Gaccione has returned home after 10 years away but it is not a return he would have wanted as he is returning for his brother’s funeral.  Sam Gaccione has died in the line of duty as the local Sheriff but his death has no leads.  Joey is a detective in Seattle and he already feels the pressure to find his brothers killer before he steps into town.


Mara Dijocomo's life has taken a major turn over the last 6 years with the death of her parents and sister in a car accident that also left her in permanently damaged and wounded.  After therapy and the adjusting to her new reality she started to help say her mother's florist shop.  Life is plodding along until the boy of her dreams and her past walks into the shop one day, she knew he was returning for his brother funeral but it is still a shock to see him after all this time.

As the lack of evidence into his brother's murder is revealing itself Joey knows he is the only one to find the answers to what happened to Sam.  Joey and Mara’s friendship is rekindled which will lead to more as Mara’s new life skills will give a hand to Joey’s search for justice.


Joey’s needs to go back to Seattle as he is working on serial killers case, so his stay back home is only short.


Will he learn more than just his brother’s killer?


Can he keep everyone he loves safe?

This is a great start to a new series for me and I hope you might enjoy it as well.  If you love small town romance with some twist and turns than this is the book for you.


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#1 on Amazon in Romance and Women's Fiction​


Kym Zhang Mara's best friends is next in the second book of the series SPURNED: Will she stay, or leave? (Elkridge Series) Amazon -


ABANDONED: She's strong, but is she strong enough? (Elkridge Series) 


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