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ARCHER (Leaves of a Maple Book 1)

September 12, 2018

There are no words to describe this wonderful book that will do it justice some that may come close are: earth shattering, brilliant, extraordinary, amazing, heartfelt, real, sexy, sad, emotional, outstanding, drama packed, pain, love, true love, heart-wrenching, Legendary, devotion, devastation, desperation, consuming.  It has to be one of the best books I have read I have ever read and that is giving it a high praise as I have read over 145 books this year alone. 


This book is written by two authors writing together as one pen name, their storytelling ability is just wonderful.  I had the lovely pleasure of meeting these two lovely ladies at a signing event last year and can not believe it has taken me this long to read their book.  I was immersed into the world of Archer and Annabelle from this very start and still over 24 hours since I finished it the story and characters are still with me.


This book is a good size novel that will have you falling into love and have your heart broken right along with these characters as you read.  Archer will have you wanting to fix his dark and broken soul as he struggles with his life with PTSD.  This book is the ultimate love story from start to finish and with the next book about Jake Archer’s brother I am sure we will be in for more dramas and entertainment.


Some of my favourite quotes from the book:-


"Don't cry, baby, breaks my heart."


“Words, Baby. You have to give me words.”


“I love you, Belle.  More than any-fucking-thing in this world. My heart beats only for you.”


“I resent her. I despise her. I need her. I hate her. But fuck me, I love her.”


"You were supposed to give it back, Archer. My heart, when you didn't want it anymore. You were supposed to give it back."


I am not going to give you a rundown of the story but just to say YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!



 Archer Dean taught me how it feels to be loved. Really loved. The happily ever after, fairy tale type love. But he also taught me what real heartbreak was. He ripped away my happiness, took it from me without a backward glance. He left me alone and broken with no idea how to rebuild. No fight left in me to want to. 

Annabelle Edwards was a light in my world of darkness. She changed the way my heart beat, she let me believe in love. But the thing about darkness is that it’s suffocating and without warning, the light that you rely so heavily on, can be extinguished by the power of your own shadows. 

Our story is about pain. About fighting through feelings that can sometimes be greater than love. 


Our story is aching. It’s passionate. It’s consuming. We’ve felt loss. Felt abandoned by one another. We’ve felt betrayed. Lost. But we fought. Against our love. For our love. Together. Apart. We’ve done it all. We’ve fought for our love to exist. For it to survive. It’s been a broken road. Hopeless at times. Full and seamless at others. We’ve been through hell and we have to trust that our love is strong enough to overcome anything.


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