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SEE ME (The Novus Pack Series Book 1)

September 16, 2018

This author has ventured into the paranormal world of shapeshifters to give us an ultimate sexy alpha male werewolf story.  What a wonderful start to the new series with a strong plot and great characters.  The author has given us great depth and detail in this book that will have you totally engrossed to the very end.  Raider Black will have you totally hook with his Christen Grey dominance in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. I received an ARC copy of this book and here is my independent and honest review.  I am so looking forward to the next book in this series as there is still so much more to learn and know what all these fantastic characters.  If you are a Paranormal reader I would highly recommend this book and even if you are not I am positive you would also enjoy this book.  Well done Melanie Jayne on this great sexy romantic and suspenseful book.

 Theodora is a survivor who finds herself at death's door and left for dead before the the Novus pack of werewolves find her.  Everyone soon learns she is a gift from The Lady, Goddess of the Lycan world to the pack and her ability to see the future will see her become the Seer.  Being the Seer now has her as a prisoner and a possession of the Novus Pack.  Can she adjust to her new life or will death look like the better option?


Raider Black is the ruler his pack, he is the Laird, he is the law that all others must follow.  The Novus Pack is a forward thing Lycan Pack to which Raider Black is the person to bring his community into the modern day world with his intelligence and ruthlessness to rule.  Black is committed to mate with another pack leaders daughter but she has shown no interest in committing to the said agreement as of yet, but as Lycan they can live an extremely long life over centuries so there is no rush. Black soon finds himself fighting the attraction for the fearless and sweet Seer, he soon claims her as his.  But the Pack must always come first but Theo upturns Blacks feelings as he must decide between the pack and his woman.


Theo also fights the dominance of Black and struggles with the feeling she has for the Laird and the man she possible loves.  Can she find a middle ground between the two Alpha personalities?  As her powers grow so does the danger to herself and the pack, can she learn to stop the danger before it happens?  Will her growing relationship with the Black be too much for her to cope with as she learns the ways of the Lycan world.  She is just a weak human that all Lycan dislike.




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