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All She Ever Desired (Cedar Valley #3)

September 24, 2018

It was so lovely to immerse myself back into Cedar Valley that I almost read this book in one sitting. But the family begged for dinner so I had to leave it to feed them.  It had been a while since we had last been in Cedar Valley but it all comes tumbling back as I started to read this book and learned more about these great characters.  I have been looking forward to reading Conner story since book 2 “Everything she needs” where we meet him and his brother Adam.  As much as I loved this book it was over just too fast for me I would have liked a bit more to the story.  This is a sweet romance of friends to lovers that will have you totally entertained.  I have reviewed an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my unbiased and voluntary review of this book that I would recommend to anyone who loves small town romance books.  It was also great to catch up with some of the other members of Cedar Valley and I just love Megan’s Grandmothers relationship with her.  She is the ultimate Grandmother nosy, judgemental, opinionated but most of all shows great love and support.


Conner has returned home to Cedar Valley from Colorado where he was fighting fires for the last 2 years, but nothing feels the same as it was before he left.  His brother has found love and a happy family; he is still estranged from his father and has forgotten why they have not spoken in years.  Megan seems angry and unhappy with him and he can guess why as he never stayed in contact with his best friend for the past two years when he left very quickly. It was not a fun 2 years away from and the trauma has returned with him to effect this life and possibly his future.

Megan finally has her best friend back but he is not the same man that left her 2 years ago and neither is she.  She can see Conner is struggling with something she knows him so well since they were children, but can she forgive him for leaving in the first place?


Conner is being careless and immature in both his personal life and his job, taking risks that he should not take.  Will it take him to hit rock bottom before realizes he may lose more than just his job?  Firefighting is in his blood and his family there is no other option for him.  He knows he is not in a great place but the past is something that won't let him move forward.


Megan is a firefighter as well so she does her best to help him but she is keeping a secret from him that she is only now ready to face.  Megan can see a different side to Conner he is kind, caring, dedicated, heroic nothing like the rough exterior he portrays to others.

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